About Us

As a leading international online wholesale supplier, we have earned a unique position as a global trading corporation since our foundation. We focus on a large number of target groups in Europe, such as large-scale distributors, resellers, chain shops, catalogue merchants, warehouses, and retail shops.


Because of our many and diverse product lines, we can offer a wide range of items. We are constantly searching for new product ideas and concepts. Our assortment consists of Women‘s and Men’s Clothing, Intimate Lingerie, Lifestyle Products and many more fantastic items and gift ideas.


Our head office is located in Hamburg, Germany. Thanks to our buying office in Guangzhou, China, we leverage an extensive network of professional manufacturers, factories and distributors in China for our products. All savings are passed on to our customers for maximum discounts and value. We ensure our customers always obtain the best possible prices.


If you are interested in a cooperation with us, please feel free to contact us! Our E-Mail address is: info@feilicious.com.

We are confident that you will enjoy all the great products available at wholesale prices!